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Corrosion Protection

Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor Packaging (VCI)

Volatile Corrosion Packaging (Vci) protects metal components from corrosion, eliminating the need for coatings such as oils, waxes, etc.

Baypac offers the Excor range of Valeno Vci bags and film, as well as Abrigo Vci paper.

How Vci works

Vci is a compound of environmentally friendly corrosion inhibitor chemicals introduced into plastic bags or film, and paper at the point of manufacture.
As these chemicals are volatile, they are released from the packaging surface at a controlled rate, settling on the surface of the metal component once the packaging has been closed.
The inhibitor forms a barrier between the metal surface and moisture in the atmosphere, thereby preventing corrosion.

Industries in which Vci is used:
Automotive, Component manufacturing, Oil and Gas, Mining, Aeronautical, Telecommunications.

Baypac will evaluate and make recommendations on your corrosion protection requirements.

Advantages of Vci

Excor Vci is completely harmless and environmentally friendly. Vci plastic and paper is recyclable.
The use of Vci for corrosion protection eliminates the need for use of other coatings such as oils and waxes.
By eliminating these types of coatings, components are clean, dry and corrosion free, ready for immediate use or further conversion, without the need to remove any coatings.
Unlike oils and waxes which dry and run off surfaces in a relatively short time, Vci provides continuous corrosion protection for up to 2 years.

Vci Applications