Domino Inkjet Printers

Market Leaders in Marking and Coding. . . Continuous Ink Jet  Ax 150i Ax 350i Ax 550i Thermal Transfer V120i V230i V320i Thermal Ink Jet G20i Gx150i Gx350i Print and Apply M230i-T M230i-S&SP M230i-CW CO2 Laser D120i D320i D620i Fibre Laser F230i F520i F720i Contact Us

Hot Melt & Liquid Adhesives

Leuenberger Hot Melt and Water Based Adhesives Granulated Hot Melt                      Pressure Sensitive Hot Melt              Water Based Adhesives A complete range of adhesives to suit any application. Cases and Boxes Gluing of standard or coated, varnished, plasticized and PE coated […]

Stretchlock Stretch Film

StretchLock – 55 layer nano stretch film Contact Us 55 layer NANO Stretch Film What is Nano Stretch Film? Ultra thin, yet far stronger than conventional film. New technology has been developed to manufacture very thin and extremely strong stretch film in 55 Nano Layers. Nano film structures give the film a “plywood”effect, that enhances […]

Robopac Stretch Wrappers

Stretch Wrappers and Case Sealers Stretch Wrap Equipment and Case Sealers are long term investments and it is imperative that you choose the right  equipment and the right Brand !      Robopac is a world leader in producing the best quality equipment at the best possible price. Save Money Reduce Environmental Footprint Increase […]

Stabulon Anti-Slip Sheets

Anti-Slip Sheet A proprietary coating applied to both sides of Stabulon paper, ensures cartons and bags do not shift. Placed between the pallet and the first layer, or between each layer. To suit pallet 1200×1000 and 1200×800. Custom sizes are also available. Slip Sheets – No Pallet Pallet-less Slip Sheet Push-pull system, for shipping […]

Lock ’n Pop Pallet Stabalisation Adhesive

Lock ‘n Pop Pallet Stabilisation Adhesive How it works A hydrogen bond is formed between the surfaces, “locking”the packages together. Infinite shear strength prevents packages from moving sideways, but low tensile strength enables the packages to be easily separated without damaging the packaging surface. Save money, improve pallet load stability. Eliminate or reduce the use […]

Walther Spray Systems

Walther Pilot are experts in complete Spraying System Solutions   WALTHER PILOT is an international market leader and renowned specialist in equipment and systems used for material conveyance and application.  Products include automatic and manual Spray Guns, Pressure Tanks, Mixing Tanks, Agitators, Pumps, Spray Booths and Accessories. Industries include Automotive, Textile, Food, Pharmaceutical, Wood […]

SIC Marking

SIC Marking Is A Global Specialist In Marking And Traceability Solutions Exclusive Distributer in South Africa Represented in South Africa by Baypac Solutions (Pty) Ltd Marking includes Dot Peen and Laser, for a wide range of materials such as Steel, Alloys, Stainless Steel, Titanium, Aluminium and Plastics. Dot Peen MarkingDot Peen Marking permanently marks Metal […]

Packing Service

      Packing Service We provide a packing and crating service for equipment and machinery, using specialised packaging to protect against physical damage and corrosion. We provide Packing Materials and Labour, securing equipment for local or export. Contact Us Tap to select the previous period Next Contact Us